Director: Amina Abdoulaye Mamani
Production : Cinedoc Films (France) I Diam Production (Burkina Faso)
Coproduction : 8 Mont-Blanc, Tele Paese (France)
France/Burkina Faso – 2018


Who still remembers Abdoulaye Mamani?
Determined activist and trade unionist, journalist. hired writer he has all his life struggles for the freedom of peoples and the independence of
his country, Niger. A life of hope, of fighting and exile in the heart of contemporary history and the decolonization movement of Africa.
If the politician seems to have disappeared today from the official history of Niger, the man of letters, him. continues to survive
beyond the borders by the writings he left. This man was my father. Going back in his footsteps, twenty-three years after his death, I rediscover little by little, at the same time as his history and that of my country.