MAAFF Opening film: Kalushi

Cinema has always been used as a key tool in sighting social change and life improvement and director Mandla Dube brings this to light in his master piece Kalushi. Apartheid films have dominated South African cinema for their poignant and ever relevant historical importance for the future generation.

In 1976 Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu, a 19-year-old street hawker, is beaten by the police during uprisings. After living in exile, he joins the liberation movement and becomes an international icon of South Africa’s liberation.

As a true story of an unknown hero to many, Value and image are key in this film , thus aligning with the annual theme of Mashariki African Film Festival’s fourth edition.

For those who are unfamiliar to South Africa’s cinema, Kalushi be an introduction and to those familiar with other masterpieces from the country, such as “Of good report” and “Totsi” to name but a few, will have yet another satisfying and fulfilling cinematic experience.

Join us on the 25th for the opening of the festival at Kigali’s exhibition and conference hall in (Camp Kigali) starting at 5h 30 pm.

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