Director: Dan Moss
Uganda/UK, 2019

Imperial Blue is an adventure-thriller set across three continents. The main action takes place in East Africa and revolves around a mystical substance called Bulu – a rare and sacred powder said to bestow the power of prophecy.

Hugo Winter, a roguish American drug smuggler, sets out on a quest to find the source of the Bulu, hoping to bring back enough to solve his financial woes. Following his visions, he travels to Uganda and looks to enlist the help of a guide there who he has seen vividly in his hallucinations.

In Fort Lugard, he meets two sisters who say they can help him find what he’s looking for, but they have competing agendas. Kisakye, a devout Christian, wants to sell the drug to save her village, whereas Angela, a criminal hustler, is only interested in getting rich quick.

As Hugo follows them deeper into the jungle, he begins to doubt whether his prophetic visions are leading him to death or glory.