Director: Nahom Abraham
Eritrea, 2019

Based on true events, Dehai, shows part of the life of the common Eritreans experience living under the enemy controlled areas. The determination and enthusiasm to intercept news of their freedom fighters under great scrutiny.
An unnamed mother and father secure their home and scan radio frequencies in search of news from the battlefield. Being caught listening to the radio for information, often from the radio outpost, Voice of the Masses, was punishable by death. The news is shared with trusted and loved ones by traveling to one another and quietly disseminating updates— with no room to enthusiasm as it might result to capture. Another set of parents make a long journey into the war zone to find out the whereabouts of their children. Freedom fighters, known in Eritrean culture as Tegadelti, would rarely give out any information about their comrades to such families, especially if the news was of death. The parents return to their home unsuccessful and without any concrete information.
Time passes, and characters find out about the war ending through their neighbors rushing to their homes with news of their soldiers returning triumphantly and reclaiming the capital city of Asmara. The mother runs into the street to join the crowds welcoming their soldiers. And the father returns to the home and turns the radio on.