2016 Edition

Cinema Unites Africa

2nd Edition of Mashariki African Film Festival ~ 6 – 12March, 2016
Under this title we recently successfully organized the MASHARIKI AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL`s second edition in Kigali, supported by the Ministry of culture and sports, sponsored by the Swiss Embassy, Institut Français, Goethe Institut, Mutzig, Impact Hub, Petrocom and many other small partners. The second edition’s aim was to provide access to African cinema for an African audience, to create an exhibition and networking platform for the local film scene and to have a relevant impact on the local film industry with the performance of workshops. This gives a perspective on the impact of African cinema on its culture and but also on an important growing economic sector and potential job creator. The festival is also an important contribution to the development of Kigali`s culture scene. We are happy that we are already one of the City`s main cultural events.

Know more about the Edition

Mashariki African Film Festival 2nd Edition took place from 6th to 12th March 2016 and was hosted in various different locations. To know more about the festival and winners download our catalog of event.

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